Upcoming Live MTC Tech Talk Session Brown Bag Webcasts

The MTC Tech Talk sessions through October are posted up on PhillyMTC.com. Continuing from last weeks popular Work Like A Network – Yammer for End Users we have three great sessions planned over the next two weeks. These include: * Work Like A Network – Yammer For Admins (Friday July 25) * OneDrive For Business And Devices (Friday August 1) * Game Development For Xbox! (Monday August 4) So mark your calendars, pack your lunch, and pull up a chair to a PC (or better yet grab a conference room and some colleagues) and join us for these one hour focused deep dives and bring your questions! :-)

In this special Applications Platform edition of Productivity Adventures on Mid-Day Cafe we will be joined by MTC Technical Director William Emmert. William will take us through a real world example where he took a client through the process of: 1 – Migrating their data to SQL 2014. 2 – Modified their tables to run on a clustered columnstore. The results was a massive savings in productivity time for dependent applications as well as cost savings in storage. The effort saw t query completion time reduced from 1 hour and 5 minutes to 6 minutes and a net storage savings of roughly 1TB was achieved. Join us Monday 7/28 at 12 noon EST on Mid-Day Café to learn how they did it and lessons learned. In addition to this segment as always we will feature the latest in Microsoft Tech News, Devices and more. Mid-Day Cafe 12 noon EST on PhillyMTC’s MTCiTV


Join me this Monday for Mid-Day Cafe at 12 noon EST at PhillyMTC.com We have a great line-up of content including: MSFT Tech News (including Podcasting with OneNote?!)  ;-) Devices! (including a HUGE tablet that has been catching lots of artistic interest in the MTC) Terabytes For All (Intern/Producer Sam will be booting me from chair to walk you through grabbing a Terabyte of cloud storage for each member of your household) Just What Is Productivity? (Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been talking about Microsoft and Productivity. Just what is this expanded definition and….what does it mean for Mid-Day Cafe?) Apps Of The Week (Two new apps featured this week) Live Q&A I hope you will be able to join me and Intern/Producer Sam (Dr. Device will be on vacation this week at the beach) Monday at 12 noon EST for Mid-Day Cafe. See you there! You can view Mid-Day Cafe here at 12 noon EST

Join Us Friday For The “Work Like A Network” Yammer Broadcast, This Weeks Mid-Day Cafe, SharePoint, And More

This upcoming Friday 07/18/2014, we will have Solution Architect Rich Ross in the house. Rich will be kicking off a two part series on Work Like A Network. This weeks session will focus on end users. From the PhillyMTC Event posting “Work Like A Network – Yammer For End Users“: “Yammer User Features Overview – This session provides a tour of the Yammer features available to the end user.  Starting with creating your first post, I will demonstrate what is available in the tool and how you can use Yammer to begin “working like a network”. This session to be delivered by Rich Ross, Solution Architect, Microsoft Partner http://www.phillymtc.com/SitePages/MTCiTV.aspx ” The event will be a brown bag session form 12 noon EST to 1pm and as indicated will be broadcast at http://www.phillymtc.com/SitePages/MTCiTV.aspx. It promises to be an informational session with Rich bringing an outsiders perspective on real world Yammer use and adoption. So pack you lunch, pull up a seat to the nearest monitor (or if local feel free to stop in and watch us live….I’ll give you a complimentary travel mug and coffee if you do ;-)  ) and join us this Friday. Monday we resumed Mid-Day Cafe at the MTC and we had a packed agenda. In between some coughing from yours truly (still fighting off last of the cold virus that dropped me last week) we had a visit from Dr. Device, special remote guest appearance from Mark Rackley talking about the upcoming SharePointalooza (if you work with SharePoint you need to check this event out), how to upload massive files in excess of 20GB! over RDP to remote servers, and more. Below is an archive of the show in case you missed the show. We have finished scheduling our Friday MTC Tech Talks through the end of September/early October so be sure to check out the Philly MTC Events page for more information. Well I have to get running. Today I have the second client in a row coming n to the MTC for an Office 365 Pro Plus Deployment session so gotta grab my coffee and skedaddle. Have a great rest of the week everyone!  

Join Me Monday For SharePointalooza, Dr Device, Massive File Uploads Over RDP, And More!

Join me and this weeks guests for Mid-Day Cafe this Monday 7/14 at 12 noon EST We will have Dr. Device in the house showing us the latest in Windows Powered coolness. Mark Rackley will be joining us as well to talk about THE tech event kicking off the fall and Mark will be in the house “virtually” to tell us all about it. I will also be showing you how to upload massive files (well in excess of 2gb….think more like 20+gb in size!) over RDP! Toss in apps and more and we are looking at a great line-up! So mark your calendars, pack your lunch, and join us from the comfort of your PC for Mid-Day Cafe this Monday at 12 noon EST. Be There! Watch Mid-Day Cafe at this link Monday 12 noon EST.

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