Join me next week on for content by request. First up on Monday’s Mid-Day Café: (08/25/2014) A lot of customers of late have been asking me just what is a Microsoft Apportal? Well this Monday at 12 noon eastern not only will we be covering the latest Microsoft Tech News we will also be taking a look at Microsoft Apportals. What are they? How are they made? How to get started? Then just for good measure we will be tossing a little OneNote tips & tricks time showing you how to create OneNote template pages step by step. * Watch Mid-Day Café here at 12 noon eastern this Monday On Friday’s MTC Tech Talk: (08/29/2014) This Friday we will be re-running the OneDrive for Business segment. Last time out not a lot of folks could make it so this time we are putting out a registration invite and helping set on your calendars for this live, interactive session. This session is the first in a four part “Maximizing Business Productivity and Collaboration with O365 LIVE Videocast Series.” So sign up today and we will see you Friday! Maximizing Business Productivity and Collaboration with O365 LIVE Videocast Series email invite with registration links You’re Invited Maximizing Business Productivity and Collaboration with O365 LIVE Videocast Series.oft  

(video) 3 Minute Adventure – Share To Speech App For Windows 8.1 And Windows Phone 8.1

In this short 3 Minute Adventure I take a look at a new app available for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 Share To Speech for Windows 8.1 Share To Speech for Windows Phone 8.1

Differences Between Office 365 SharePoint Online OneDrive For Business And More

In this Michael on the Go segment I respond to a question posted to me on Twitter while I motored on down to DC. The question was around the differences between Office 365 and SharePoint Online, OneDrive For Business and OneDrive, and more. If you have had these same questions tune in and see what I have to say on the subject. If you have a question you would like to have me answer “On The Go” then post it to my Twitter @Gannotti or on Facebook

Easy Rich Media Within The Flow Of Your Life For Social Media

In this Michael on the Go video I address a question that keeps coming up in client meetings around rich media. Many organizations/groups struggle with how to get started in content creation. Too often they go round and round in “analysis paralysis” trying to take on large media projects they are ill equipped for and consequently end up going nowhere. In this video I talk about lowering the content creation overhead and empowering folks to make use of simple devices and techniques to capture rich media for re-use within the natural flow of the everyday.


Our guest Bill Emmert is out due to an emergency (2nd guest this week!) soooooo, I have decided to try out a Fire Away Friday (the SQL event will be rescheduled). What is a Fire Away Friday you may ask. Well basically you log on to the page and ask me anything that is top of mind, fire away! I will then try to answer. I will demo on the spot, whiteboard, talk, heck due a little dance, sing a little song… ;-) It’s a time where the floor is wide open. So log on to at 12 noon EST today bringing your questions (SharePoint, Office 365, Windows Phone, Xbox….anything!) and fire away! MTC Tech Talk Fire Away Friday here at 12 noon EST today 08-15-2014

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