There has been a lot of excitement, buzz, and questions since the launch of Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. This Monday on Mid Day Cafe we will have Jason Piccola, aka Dr. Device, in the house showing all the goodness and fielding your questions. Got Project? Got SharePoint? Michael Gannotti will show how the two go hand in hand in project management as he walks you through Link Project files with SharePoint Step by Step. As always Mid Day Cafe will also feature Microsoft Tech News, your questions and more. Join us Monday at 12 noon EST for Mid Day Café Philadelphia. This week: •Broadcast Opening •Microsoft Weekly Tech News •Bits & Bytes (weekly tips and tricks, special guests and more) – This Week Microsoft Project and SharePoint, Better Together •App of the Week – Windows Phone 8.1 with Dr. Device •Mailbag •Open Q&A •Upcoming Events •Close Mid Day Cafe 4-21-2014 (ics calendar file)

New-Resume Old Video Series

You may have noticed I have kicked backed off with the Michael on the Go videos. Originally I thought I would do a simple focused series around branding and building audience as that had been brought up at work and seemed to have interest and need with folks. Well fast forward over the weekend and after a SharePoint Saturday event things have widened out. In this Michael on the Go video I discuss the resumption of Michael on the Go and the broader scope. * To learn more about how I do Michael on the Go videos see Michael on the Go Safety Video

Engaging On Multiple Social Media Channels – Building Brand And Audience Video 2

Oftentimes when discussing how to build an online audience as well as brand I find individuals let their own personal feels, prejudices, about online media hamper their efforts. When looking to engage online we should look to where our target audience is not to how we feel about a particular social channel. Our level of personal approval or comfort is immaterial. In the Michael on the Go video, number 2 in the Building Brand and Audience series, I discuss the need to get out of our comfort zone and get engaged on a number of social media fronts. * To learn more about how I do Michael on the Go videos see Michael on the Go Safety Video  

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview What It Is And Isn’t

Yesterday Microsoft released Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview to developers to get a jump start on developing and testing applications with the upcoming phone OS update. In this Michael on the Go video (edited on my Dell Venue 8 Tablet) I talk about what the developer preview is, what it isn’t, and give a tip to help you maximize battery life with the preview. * To learn more about how I do Michael on the Go videos see Michael on the Go Safety Video


Join me today for Mid Day Cafe at 12 noon EST. Today we will show you how to create video training/presentations available to any device anywhere using PowerPoint and SharePoint Online. Also, OneNote and Weave integration, weekly tech news, and Dr. Device will be in the house as well. The broadcast begins at 12 noon EST so grab your lunch, join us, and bring your questions as well as we love to answer you questions on air live. Mid Day Café can be seen here live at 12 noon EST

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