Rich Media Content Generation With Skype And Xbox One

In this Michael on the Go video I discuss an easy, fun, and pretty cool way to create rich media content pulling in remote guests all using readily available consumer products and services. If you have an Xbox One with Kinect and an Xbox Live service subscription you are ready to roll. Simply leverage the available Skype for Xbox service and you can do like I am presently doing and create fun content with guests all on a budget. Learn more about Skype for Xbox One

Migrating Content From Dropbox And Google To Office 365 With Metalogix Drive2Office365

In this Michael on the Go video I discuss the Drive2Office365 from Metalogix. With the value of Office 365 for small business increasing I gotten questions around tools for moving data, including at the last SharePoint User group. Drive2Office 365 is available for free from the SharePoint app store and enables users to move content from other sources like Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. Check out Drive2Office365 here

When Yammer And Community Meet Bam! Things Happen

In this Michael on the Go video I discuss a real world incident that happened to me today. In it I was faced with some technical challenges around some work I was doing with streaming media. Reached out to a private Yammer community to which I am a member and then….Bam! things started to happen :-)

Taxonomy, OneDrive for Business, Relax, And It Aint Religion

In this Michael on the Go video I discuss a conversation that came up last night. The concern voiced was around Corporate taxonomy and meta-data and the perceived breakdown of that in an instance like a personal OneDrive for Business. In this video I discuss my take on it and the need to sometimes give up control and allow for natural user behavior .

(video) Got Team? Get Out – Tune Out – And Turn On!

If you manage a team or are on a team of any kind then you know how easy it is to get caught up in and endless cycle of addressing the daily work brush fires, attending client needs, etc. It is too easy for the team to get on a cycle much like a group of hamsters on a wheel. In this Michael on the Go video I discuss the importance of getting your team out, tuning out, and turned on, to improve moral, effectiveness, and increase productivity

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